Mullaco Supermarket Hosts Fazilas Tasting Day.

Fazilas is a Bolton based company who specializes in Asian Frozen Foods. It is a family run business which was established in 1999. They supply Samosas, Rolls, Pasties and Pizzas with the choice of Chicken, Lamb and Vegetable fillings.

On Saturday 22th May 2010 Fazilas held a tasting day in Mullaco Supermarket. Customers at Mullaco Supermarket were allowed to taste a variety of different Fazilas products and give their feedback. Currently Mullaco Supermarket stocks the following:

{Samosas - Meat, Chicken, Vegetable, Cheese & Sweetcorn, Chicken Tikka} {Rolls - Meat Rolls, Chicken Rolls, Veg Rolls} {Pasties - Chicken Tikka Pasty, Chicken Pasty, Lamb Pasty, Cheese & Onion Pasty} {Pizza - Chicken Tikka, Lamb Spicy, Vegetable} .